An old post.. but publishing it 🙂 An updated posted coming up soon.

We’re taking a drive on the “long drive” road and for a change, I am driving. Panu is sitting in Hanu’s lap to the delight and joy of the latter. Stuck to each other, Hanu lovingly tells his son “Sleep next to betu today, please..”, our little man accepts to the joy of the papa! Cut an hour later and its actually time to deliver on the promise, he crawls right next to me not willing to leave my side. Hanu asks him “but you promised na you will sleep with betu”. To which, the small smartie replied “You said, not me!” Wow! Where did that come from… right?! And when we ask him “what did Panu say?”, he says… “Nothing!”. Hmmm… have we already reached the stage where our little man is defending himself! Time to wake up and realize that these days will never come back. Joyride continues…

Panu has become quite the dancer I must say. I sure hope he learns partner dances better than his dad, coz really that does score with the gurls! I will entrust this to his crazy nani who taught me the little dancing i.e. partner ones I know.  Anyways, so he nowadays shakes his bum quite well, does the rolley polley (someone has to insert a video here, can not describe, but I know I will know it forever!), does the twist at times, loves to twirl…. and so much more. He is talking like a book, to the extent of telling me, “mama, you go to office and come back soon… okay 5 mins, ok”,  to which my heart pains and sometimes skips a beat! Well… I am sure there will be many more moments when I will have this same feeling again.

Another big thing that has happened it BIG school is finalized. We both think it is a school that will take care of him as we do. Now that is saying alot… He will flourish there and get exposed to many thing. I can’t wait to be a part of this journey again, just hope my art and craft skills get better on the way… else I can smell many a disaster in the near and future…


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