Questions with self…

Our lives are busy, and I guess they always will be as the only thing constant is change – change will bring about new additions, aspects, perspectives, just life… I often ask myself – can I do more? am I enough – enough as a mother, as a wife, as a professional, as a woman, as a daughter, a friend, as so many more things… many a times the answer is no! I wonder is this me or my inadequacies, or simply my zeal to be the best at whatever I am doing? Many questions, no answers as I know deep down inside me I believe I do my best but is probably never enough… this never enough is sometimes a propeller for me to do more. What I need to do to not try and kill myself in the bargain (not literally!) is to find that balance between my expectations of myself vs. others expectations of my, as I know I expect more from myself than others off me. That balance or voice in me has to keep telling me to slow down, not assume, ask, clarify, reserve for self and then move ahead.

I am blessed with a life I love, with people who adore me, protect me, care unconditionally – many don’t have what I have. Hanu often tells me to just be. I am learning to just be…


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