The tooth thingy

We had a significant event – the little man pulled out his first tooth. Yes, he had to do it with no other than the very first. Me at office, father at home and that was probably the only day when it was decided that he will not be sent to school ….simply! Little did we know that would lead to maybe some boredom and of course a significant step much in advance than its natural time to strike! 

Me entering a meeting, getting a message from the paranoid and sometimes alarming father that “Panu pulled out his tooth, half tooth is still inside and there is alot of bleeding!” Well that did it and I rushed to see my lil champ and his grandmother with visibility paranoid father waiting in the parking and no blood anywhere! Thankfully nothing was left behind, he did a good job in all things destructive so this is so exception.

All’s well that ends well…. right 🙂 Can’t imagine how Diyu is going to treat us knowing how she pushes her own envelope! Lord bless us.


Cut to second one – “Bridget yeh jo hum kha raha hai bahut hard hai. Chew nahi ho raha hai…. ” Our man was chewing on his own tooth 🙂

I guess we just need to get ready for a different story with each tooth ? Oh help us Lord 🙂


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