Around the house

The house is buzzing with words now that Diyu is also talking nineteen to a dozen… I got up today and realized that I may just not remember the most precious things they’re saying and making our lives full. So here’s for my glossary in the future

1) Pannu to me ” Mamma you know love never ends…. its only begins.”

Heart melted, tear in the eye emerged and a tight hug followed. My gentle soul will steal hearts for sure

2) Diyu with her constant ” laggaaa…”

Knowing her is knowing that she is doing things beyond her age and with that along side having an elder brother, ensures that is no dearth of adventure along with the number of times she hurts herself yet relentlessly keeps going. Perseverance has another name – Diyu!

3) ” 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10…. There 10 mins over! “

This was to our advantage sometime back when we wanted to get things done, but many times its started to backfire and we had to disclose real time to Panu. Hmmm… some things just don’t last to our advantage ever!

4) “Asthakala pani ma” means love mamma

“Yes, my pushtakala pani ma” is the only suitable and most understood response. 

5) Among all of this, there is the not so occasional….. “Bad girl and  Bad Boy” also 

6) “Please…..?” If we ever forgot to add the golden words, constable Kabir is there to remind us and we realise that maybe it did a too good a job! 



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