We are all poets …. and we did not know it!

Little did I know that my creative juices would flow so much later in life. I thought I was creatively challenged! Well not any more … the fruits and seasons bring out the best in us 🙂

Summer – My favourite season for the little Kabir (Ukg)

Summer is messy

Summer is fun

Summer is spending all day in the sun

Summer is about vacations and sand castles at the beach,

Summer is the only time I’m allowed to screech!

Summer is eating mangoes all day long

Summer is ending the day with a lovely song

Summer is the best time with family and my friends

Here’s hoping my favourite season never ends


Apple – My favourite fruit for the little Ananya (Tod A) 

Two little apples, hanging in the tree

One fell down and came to me

Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said,

Eating apples is good for health!