From me to you…

How is it that someone who has been with you, forever, but you still have renewed respect for each time? How is it that some one can teach you so much and keep teaching? Is there a end? Is there anyone else like Mummy….actually, my Mummy?

The answers to these questions, I will not answer, because it simply cannot be framed in sentences, at least ones that I can come up with. But one that I  can most defintely answer, is that no one is like my Mummy. If I can become even half the mother to panu, as my Mummy is to me, then I would have achieved ALL.

Ma, is someone who has been probably the one constant influence in all of my life and I wish for it to always be like this. There are no qualms about this, that I am a totally my mum’s daughter. I was always close to her – She was the first one to know about hanu, was there to stand up against all when we got married, was silently protecting my childhood, was there at every parent teachers meeting, school play/sports day…. was always always THERE! I was also always appreciative of her, I was and am her biggest supported, I know that…. But when panu came, and I became a mother, I had renewed respect for her. Not because now I knew what it took…. but because she was with me throughout. Come what may, my mum would always come to my rescue… and still does.

I did’nt know a stitch but she held my hand all the way and made me confident in what ever little I know right now. Sure.. we may have our differences sometimes, but she still remains my biggest supporter. I am writing this because it’s going to be very tough this time when she is gone. I know she has her own life and things she is dealing with… but all said and done, with all the fights 🙂 we love it when mummy is around. There is a special sense of security – it’s mummyness 🙂

Hanu & panu is going to miss her alot, but fret not, we have created such a world here that she will be back soon but not soon enough 😦

We love you ma. You know that & I know that and we have expressed gratitude towards everything you have done, will do and carry on doing. I am the woman I am because of you. You are my role model because I know what it took for you to bring us up…. Your efforts have never ever gone unnoticed.

We love you Ma.

PS: In return, you know what we want. Just one thing 🙂 Make us proud…