Goodbye Airy…. and thank you always

When I was growing up I never imagined owing a car. I didn’t know how to cycle, so owing a bike for myself was also out of question, so basically I wasn’t ever imaging of owing a vehicle at all. Then Hanu walked into my life and opened up the world for me and still does. We comtemplated alot, whether to buy a car or look at buying a house ( rather saving for it). We decided that yes, we wanted a car and went for it. It was 2006 when we decided that we were in a position to take that step. We analysed and hanu over analysed all the cars in the market within our budget and we decided that it would a Maruti Zen Estillo – launched newly in the market with its curves/shapes defying how cars should be in that segment. So knowing us to take something which was uncommon, we went for it and bought the Zen home in Jan 2007. We was named him Airy much later on one of our road trips…. because it was just very Airy and after a doggie I knew from our trip to Masinagudi 🙂

I cannot begin to desribe the feeling we both went through. For the first time after getting together, we had invested in something so big, something, we knew would quench our thrist of getting on the raod and going anywhere………and we went. Airy took us all over South India and we also went all the way to Goa. More than anything it was the feeling of the “the first time” of anything. Our Airy gave us wings. For God’s sake I learnt how to drive in Airy, bought Panu home in it from the hospitals, went for countless no of drives….. I can go on and on. But the most important thing that Airy gave us was our space of our own. We were the two of us in it, no matter what. Even when we went out for drives with Panu, it was still a place where we could speak about anything or just be blissful in its silence. Airy was our car in the truest sense of it. It was very special so many things that I havent even written about…. Cars will come and cars will go but the feeling of Airy will always be there in our hearts. So as I told Airy today when they came to take thim – “take care, my little buddha where ever you go but remember you will always remain in our heart as our first car that gave us wings and a taste of the road… that feeling will go on forever!”

Goodbye and thank you  — Our Airy.