Until words find me again…

I find my self struggling to write nowadays! It is not as if things are not happening, or there are new things we experience and I should keep… it is all of this, yet, I am struggling… So I leave myself pictures and notes on them which I don’t want my fading memory to forget. Until words find me again…. There is a new craze in this house… or may I say, there are two new crazes – golf (which I don’t have a picture off) and grilling.  I happened to gift Hanu a grill on our anniversary and trust me, nothing takes over our weekend than getting the fish/prawn/chicken ready and marinated, the fire burning with camphor, petrol, coal, paper, wood…(so we get the picture) and ready to grill. As I write this, my entire family has gone our on a rainy Sunday evening in search of coal. So you see, anything that is done is either done in totality or not at all… This one is in totality. But hey, who is complaining, I get the most awesome grills every weekend in the comfort of my own home.  Now coming to Golf. Its Hanu alone. The man has passion for everything he does. Something I admire and lack in myself. So we have two golf sets at home, shoes to match, caps to match and many balls along with rungs that have almost become tatters in the house. Why? Because our man likes to practice. I am sure to write more about it in the future. Just to add the awww factor: Panu to his betu “Betu, you no place the golf course!” Translated to normal language “Papa, stop practicing at home with your golf stick” Happy 6th Anniversary to us! There is a reason why I have put this particular picture. Its us and only us! But when we are there he can’t be far away…. right! He is there somewhere in the background. Represented by his dahi chawal, which we obviously have done a lousy job to finish and given up after trying the nth time. Its a moment we take for ourselves, without being his parents, but being what ever we are for each other. It is needless to say, that it has been an amazing 11 years together. As time passes by and I look through old snaps, and the newer ones, I notice that this hasn’t changed. the glee in our eyes, the togetherness, the love, the warmth… it is still US, as it always will be. (With the little ones around!) My Ma! The one constant always… There are no words for her, except, I love the way she radiates in everything she does.  The perfect harmony.  Have a hap, hap, happy diwali! May good luck and cheer be yours all the year!  The edited version customized by nanta for panu took a life of itself! It is a beautiful adaptation. 

I guess words did find me… after all with a little help!











From here and there…

A few days ago I was sitting with Panu and actually showing him his homework (!) while he was on his potty, doing his thing. Now I am used to him asking me in the most adorable voice “what iis this Mamma?”… to which we have to promptly reply else that continues! So this morning, I was expecting the same.

So there is mamma asking him “baba, what is this?”,  but the baba turns around and tells mamma “I don’t know!”

So we have started conversations my love… I am amazed at the things the little phartu is saying now a days. It’s like it was all there and now it is just pouring out. I can’t help but just smile a serene smile and wait for what next.

So here’s a few of them

Where’s the betu?

The Johnny uncle is gone to the Mysore and then London — 

Travelers of phirang origin with whom my son fell in love with. There was a Ruth as well… God Bless her! She made the journey easy. So we still talk about them, even after almost a month!

The granny has gone to the market to buy a flying carpet, from a man in Istanbul (!) 

To clarify this is a line our man has picked up from his current favorite book. I think he will one day mug up a book for sure or this quality is going to save him later in life – An early prediction i.e.

This is a nice song Mamma – To my horror it is Ms. Katrina Kaif grinding to some number I have already forgotten!

Aaj mausam bada baiman hai…. aaj mausam! – Followed by almost the full song with full blown emotions and facial expressions! Only hand movement and heroine is missing I would say, along with sometimes the mausam.

We’ll go to the baga beach – Any beach is now baga beach, such is the impact of Goa. We are sure to buy a house there for … just!

Nightly maska to God via a pray that father has inculcated. – Best prayer ever, has bought me back also

No, no and no – It’s his favourite words, if I may say so

We go to, go to where mamma? – Aww… I want to eat him up then, but it’s 50% of the time when he knows its school but trying to evade the eventuality of the situation (I tell myself – This too shall pass…)

Matter, Flyn, Guido, Kung Fu Panda (!), Jungle Jamboree, Rabba, Aaj Mausam, etc…. it is certainly kill us with repetition. My son, as proud as I am of him cannot focus or like two things at a time. He likes one and shoves it down our throat until we can’t stop humming it or loving it. Do we have a choice after all!

Mummy ke paas jaana hai – It has come back to me with full force. Me to GOD – “ I understand I was in the wrong – please forgive me and lift this already”

Cars, cars, and only cars –  I am sure this obsession is not going to stop soon. The boy has started showing interest in cooking shows!

Need I write more..