As time passes by…

It’s been a while, a long long while and much has happened. Our world has changed, bettered, expanded and so much more. Ananya is in our lives for what feels like a long time. She entered and made us parents again. Made us better parents! It’s hard to describe how things have become so much more deeper and with so much more meaning with these little feet entering lives. Kabir has changed, he is a big, sometimes responsible brother, but brother nonetheless. I have a full house now, with noise that’s so sweet that sometimes oh, sometimes silences would be great. Our being feels together, with more purpose and clarity that I now understand what it is to let go…. 

Letting go……….yet feeling secure is how I can summarize the last 1.5 years or so. Its an awakening of sorts, sometimes rocky but most times easy. When I look back and think of how our lives have evolved, it simply makes me take a beautiful, contended breadth and just smile with a feeling of comfortably “being”. 

And now, I have updates, many many updates that probably won’t be written down in this one session but they are all in head. They need this space to capture for my fading memory as I want to feel that sense of nostalgia with a smile again. 


Panu’s 4th birthday and a significant welcome gathering


Our little baby – all set for the party


For our “Betu” on his special day with glimpses below of what turned out to a disaster of a cake, a lovely gathering, and us – as always! 



And today….


with more to come 🙂 


Pictures say a thousand words…

I’ve been meaning to write  about this trip for a long time and haven’t really. It was an experience that I feel cannot really be translated but only felt… here it is!

One more reason that reinforces our choice that the best possible way to travel is always by road (even with what happened after this!)… when else will you look out of the window not knowing what to expect! And there it is…. sunflowers everywhere… looking for the sun to rise again. This was the first time we saw so many of them.. a good beginning for my small sweetheart!

Where else in the world would we find a motorcycle taxi stand! Now that’s why we want to retire in Goa! Need we give any more reasons…

It is blessings in these forms that are so missed!  My panu’s nanis… and our mommies.

The most lovely boy in the whole wide world. I wish my panu becomes my hanu. BTW, we loved the bhutta and the drive.

Yeh galiya…. want to go back. Magical Goa!

All that I need… my boys and the beach! Yes, I have converted to a beach person…

What fun! And of course he is the centre of every bit of it.

This is the first photograph that has my Panu look straight into the camera and gave a big big smile! Wah!

It is the same feeling… 🙂

The craziness skipped a generation 🙂 The mad nanta and her pakpak!

Pals for 30+ years!

Titos at Baga Beach. Baga beach was by far Panu’s favourite. It actually enticed us enough to extend an extra day.. Worth it!

(Missing my pose here with the perpetual spoon)

We want him to be always like this… carefree! While mamma and papa are somewhere in the background overseeing everything to make this feeling possible.

Until next time Goa…



It’s been a very long time… let’s re-begin!

I have missed writing. I am not certain why I haven’t for such a long time, but it really doesn’t matter because so much has happened, such wonderful things that I have so much to write. It’s just a matter of getting to it. We’ll do it in phases…

The most significant is that my lil Panna has started talking! Yes, he has started repeating every single thing along with understanding how to apply the smallest of things! It has been probably the most amazing time ever since a very long time. It was as if he has stored all of this inside him and it is just bursting to come out and wow! it has… He says all animals with beautiful pronunciation, sings sare gama pa… and at times finishes what we started, counts from 1 to 10… I mean it has been the most change in him ever…ever! Phew.. so much has also happened on other things.. here they are which I just want to note and will elaborate on in times to come 🙂 (Super excited!)

1. I have learnt how to drive 🙂 Yes, my wish of whisking away when Panna grows up on long drives with just the both of us WILL happen. Also, with my darling Hanu…

2. We moved into a new home and somehow it feels right. I have used the time effectively to decorate and make the house a home where there are nooks and corners for everything. Its still taking shape but I have applied all that I have and wanted to for a long long time, at last! Of course with a lot of help from Ma, Hanu and Simple… my support system always

3. Panu has some what settled in school 🙂 Yes, he still cries but the teacher tells me that it’s for a short time only and then he plays, observes and learns… beautiful!

4. I gave an interview and some things have taken a backseat happily… more on this latter

5. We have Skype working and being used to reduce distances

6. Families are coming closer! 🙂

7. I am 30 yrs old

8. We completed a decade of being a couple… still very much in lowe!

9. We travelled like hell and grew up as a family on the way. The travelling has most importantly agreed with the small one and he loves it.

10. Still waiting for a maid 😦 My only sad face for now…

11. Loving every moment of just being!

Phew when I look back, yes a lot has happened but all so well and naturally. I didn’t realise how good life was, is…


Our small getaways…


A sunday morning ‘family’ breakfast…. where we are almost the child and or little panu is the parent!

Reverse parenting

Short drives ‘early’ in the night…..helps us be together: only the three of us and catch up. It helps that sometimes he also dozes off ;p

Us and our drives

Off to the pool (though we know that’s going to happen next after a long long time)

Or rides on bungy – maybe just circling the complex only

The bikers!

Our maybe some quite precious time…


And some really innovative ideas… primarily from panu

our gataways are small ways of just being with each other. There is still not enough of them around…. but that’s the fun, so that the getaways keep happening – both BIG and small………

Love our time together, no matter where, what and how.