So I have been gardening…

and loving it on the way!

I think it is essentially linked to the kind of person I am. I am a nuturer and sometimes (well most of the times) leading to a worrier. I have been this for many many years, as long as I can remember. I love to nuture. To care. To put together and see evolve. To be able to call my own. Gardening has provided me with that.

We had a small set up way before Panu was born but now after him is when I feel more about the plants, caring for them, talking about them when a new set of flowers blossom or I see them shine against the magnificent sunshine early parts of the morning. Sometimes I stop myself and say “hey, whats up with me?” but then think why not. Why can’t I revel in small beauties like these, previosuly for which I probably didn’t have the patience of the time for.

And so here is my proud little garden with as many plants and pots I can fit in. Mixed and mingled plants together in trying to get the natural look and as Hanu saying succeeding quite a bit.