It’s been a very long time… let’s re-begin!

I have missed writing. I am not certain why I haven’t for such a long time, but it really doesn’t matter because so much has happened, such wonderful things that I have so much to write. It’s just a matter of getting to it. We’ll do it in phases…

The most significant is that my lil Panna has started talking! Yes, he has started repeating every single thing along with understanding how to apply the smallest of things! It has been probably the most amazing time ever since a very long time. It was as if he has stored all of this inside him and it is just bursting to come out and wow! it has… He says all animals with beautiful pronunciation, sings sare gama pa… and at times finishes what we started, counts from 1 to 10… I mean it has been the most change in him ever…ever! Phew.. so much has also happened on other things.. here they are which I just want to note and will elaborate on in times to come 🙂 (Super excited!)

1. I have learnt how to drive 🙂 Yes, my wish of whisking away when Panna grows up on long drives with just the both of us WILL happen. Also, with my darling Hanu…

2. We moved into a new home and somehow it feels right. I have used the time effectively to decorate and make the house a home where there are nooks and corners for everything. Its still taking shape but I have applied all that I have and wanted to for a long long time, at last! Of course with a lot of help from Ma, Hanu and Simple… my support system always

3. Panu has some what settled in school 🙂 Yes, he still cries but the teacher tells me that it’s for a short time only and then he plays, observes and learns… beautiful!

4. I gave an interview and some things have taken a backseat happily… more on this latter

5. We have Skype working and being used to reduce distances

6. Families are coming closer! 🙂

7. I am 30 yrs old

8. We completed a decade of being a couple… still very much in lowe!

9. We travelled like hell and grew up as a family on the way. The travelling has most importantly agreed with the small one and he loves it.

10. Still waiting for a maid 😦 My only sad face for now…

11. Loving every moment of just being!

Phew when I look back, yes a lot has happened but all so well and naturally. I didn’t realise how good life was, is…


State of mind and more…

I’m confused…. happy, unhappy, mixed, anxious, impatient, trying to be patient…. the list probably goes on…. I am supposed to unwind, take it easy, feel and go with the flow! But am unable to do this… it feels almost as if I am sitting on a fence and looking at myself do and feel the way I am. Things are still not how they are supposed  to be!  So let’s ditch the thought that I am having for now and let me concentrate on what’s going good… What else, but my little fella and all the amazing things he does to pacify his over hyped, over thinking mother.

 We made our 2nd road trip with the prince sometime this month to Pondy – its a 6 hour drive from home. So bags were over packed (!), an electric cooker was bought to prepare his food at the resort… basically we were doing everything we did for the Mahabalipuram trip. It’s obvious that both hanu, nani and I were stuck in a time rut. Our fellow decided to surprise us by eating every meal – yes, every meal cooked by the chef themselves! So it was soup and bread, curd rice (thank GOD he likes curd), chikhdi, uppamma, and almost everything else that was a little bland. This much to our utmost delight and of course hanu kept saying that he has gone on me – bahar ka khana! Yeah…my baby! 

Dont miss the potty seat! 🙂


Sleeping peacefully like a doll with Adla

 It was a wonderful much-needed break – he still hasn’t warmed up to the sea as much as we would like but at least this time he did allow us to wet his feet in the water and didn’t cry his heart out! As long as he was in mamma or papa’s arms in the water, he was okay to go.  The city also was an amazing experience. This is the first place hanu and I have gone back to after having a baby – Yes it was different, but a different fun all together! We kept reminiscing about our last trip.  



 It was a very special trip. Hanu drove like a pro, panu was on his best behaviour, ma enjoyed her stay and tandoories and Simple relaxed with her baba! And me… it was a super time and I can’t wait for the next one. At least I have the flexibility now 🙂