The tooth thingy

We had a significant event – the little man pulled out his first tooth. Yes, he had to do it with no other than the very first. Me at office, father at home and that was probably the only day when it was decided that he will not be sent to school ….simply! Little did we know that would lead to maybe some boredom and of course a significant step much in advance than its natural time to strike! 

Me entering a meeting, getting a message from the paranoid and sometimes alarming father that “Panu pulled out his tooth, half tooth is still inside and there is alot of bleeding!” Well that did it and I rushed to see my lil champ and his grandmother with visibility paranoid father waiting in the parking and no blood anywhere! Thankfully nothing was left behind, he did a good job in all things destructive so this is so exception.

All’s well that ends well…. right 🙂 Can’t imagine how Diyu is going to treat us knowing how she pushes her own envelope! Lord bless us.


Cut to second one – “Bridget yeh jo hum kha raha hai bahut hard hai. Chew nahi ho raha hai…. ” Our man was chewing on his own tooth 🙂

I guess we just need to get ready for a different story with each tooth ? Oh help us Lord 🙂


Am I paranoid!

Of course I am and I will tell myself why! My little genius’ teacher some days back told me that he does’t really mingle too much. Now that is a contrast to the constant hugging, saying “hi”, giving hi 5 to any and everyone. So I came home, discussed this to death, thought what am I doing wrong…. etc. So yes, I am paranoid, when I should simply let it be and allow him to find his groove. My wonderful husband told me that he is actually exactly like his mommy! Yes, if I reflect, he is. I too tend to shut my mouth in public, keep opinions to myself (though I always have one), basically not strike when the iron is hot! Yet, when I am with people who are mine  I am so at ease, a chatterbug…. so it was so interesting that I didn’t see myself in my little one, even though we share the same sun sign. I think it will always take Hanu to bunch us together and decode us because he I knows me better than I know myself…. obviously!

So I retracted from my paranoia. And what have we…. our little fella came third in some contest (which I think they shouldn’t name as a contest in the first place) where he had to name birds. I know he knows all of them because he is either singing them the whole day or reciting something around animals… but I was most surprised that he actually stood in front of all and spoke what he does best! Now you would think I would be happy, that he has broken out of his shell and is at ease… Well now my paranoia shifts to me not taking this so seriously that I fall into a trap of being a competitive parent. So I am constantly telling myself that no, this is not good, I should let it be, its not a big deal. While another side of my head is telling me  woa my lil one’s first independent test and he did so well! Me a proud mamma.  

I am sure the saga in my brain will continue because it is in my DNA…. all the best my boys!


Fabia……….fab fab :)

The Fabia has ultimately arrived and all that I can say is smooooooootttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉

It was such a different way or feeling of picking up this car vs. Airy 5 years back. Different and nice because we had the little master with us going beserk with his favourite thing – CARS and that too in abundance. So while the father went about clearing paper work, the small wonder went about opening doors, to circling steering wheels, to charming the pants off all the sales folks at the showroom. He went on saying “Kiska car, nahi Fabia car hai”  and we repeated “Panu ka, aur kiska” 🙂

It was a wonderful, nervous feeling… nervous because it’s a big step for us as a family and wonderful for obvious reasons… Driving it around the town for the first time, I think I was more nervous. But I am sure this too will soothe soon. We zipped it off for a long drive and I don’t think I have seen Hanu this happy ever in a car… he looked so at peace.

So here’s to many long drives, stories, experiences, feelings, adventures, road trips and nooks waiting for us to disover with the FABIA.

The pose never changes 🙂


The wait is over…

Panu has a ritual which he refuses to abandon i.e. crying for the first 5 minutes when I am drop him to school. Aches my heart to leave my only son, mere akho ka tara…. Ma ka dulara (okay, I know I am getting dramatic) crying the way he does. I have had conversations with his teacher – who tell me to ignore it (!) or “it will pass”. Conversations with Hanu who is as clueless as me as to why he has been doing this. He cries for the first 5 mins and then is absolutely fine, as if nothing ever happened and of coursse is a happy child when I pick him up, which is very different from earlier (more painful dropping and picking up days!)…

The wait is over. Yesterday, as usual, I was strengthening my heart when I handed him over to his teacher, and viola! he didn’t cry 🙂 I turned, smiled and looked up at heaven and said “thank you GOD”. Called up Hanu and Ma and they had the same reactions. Today I was again preparing for the same crying, being conservative about yesterday being a fluke, when my sweet wonderful grown up big boy went to the teacher without crying. Yay… the heartache is over, he has settled…

Should be happy, but actually had tears in my eyes. Lil’ fellow is growing up … too soon!

Edited to add: It has been 2 months or so from when I wrote this. It is now March `11 and 5 days to go before Panu ends his academic year(!). He started crying two days after I wrote the above post and finally stopped the day he turned 2 1/2 yrs. I can safely say, now the wait is over for good and I’m so very glad… 🙂


It’s been a very long time… let’s re-begin!

I have missed writing. I am not certain why I haven’t for such a long time, but it really doesn’t matter because so much has happened, such wonderful things that I have so much to write. It’s just a matter of getting to it. We’ll do it in phases…

The most significant is that my lil Panna has started talking! Yes, he has started repeating every single thing along with understanding how to apply the smallest of things! It has been probably the most amazing time ever since a very long time. It was as if he has stored all of this inside him and it is just bursting to come out and wow! it has… He says all animals with beautiful pronunciation, sings sare gama pa… and at times finishes what we started, counts from 1 to 10… I mean it has been the most change in him ever…ever! Phew.. so much has also happened on other things.. here they are which I just want to note and will elaborate on in times to come 🙂 (Super excited!)

1. I have learnt how to drive 🙂 Yes, my wish of whisking away when Panna grows up on long drives with just the both of us WILL happen. Also, with my darling Hanu…

2. We moved into a new home and somehow it feels right. I have used the time effectively to decorate and make the house a home where there are nooks and corners for everything. Its still taking shape but I have applied all that I have and wanted to for a long long time, at last! Of course with a lot of help from Ma, Hanu and Simple… my support system always

3. Panu has some what settled in school 🙂 Yes, he still cries but the teacher tells me that it’s for a short time only and then he plays, observes and learns… beautiful!

4. I gave an interview and some things have taken a backseat happily… more on this latter

5. We have Skype working and being used to reduce distances

6. Families are coming closer! 🙂

7. I am 30 yrs old

8. We completed a decade of being a couple… still very much in lowe!

9. We travelled like hell and grew up as a family on the way. The travelling has most importantly agreed with the small one and he loves it.

10. Still waiting for a maid 😦 My only sad face for now…

11. Loving every moment of just being!

Phew when I look back, yes a lot has happened but all so well and naturally. I didn’t realise how good life was, is…


Letting go…

It’s probably the biggest step we have taken with respect to Panu till now – he started pre school today! It’s the first time our lil boy was left in the company of strangers, fending for himself, being himself, doing his thing and us letting go…. sitting close enough, yet slowly but surely letting him go…well only a bit. It’s strange to let your lil boy out in the world (yes I am exagerating!)  but that’s how it felt today – I felt he stepped out into the world of so many possibilities. Mummy thought that I would howl my heart out when leaving him at the school…. but actually I was the most composed. I know why this happened, because I had my lil talk with Panu the earlier day where I spoke to him about the vastness that lay ahead of him accompanied by the amazingness! I had let go in that moment when he stuck to my chest and just heard me as if  he understood everything I said. Hanu on that hand, as I always knew would be the parent who cried at every milestone and quite profusely 🙂 It’s of course heart warming for me to see the love these two boys share amongst themselves. I have already told Hanu, that he is going to be the parent howling at all important milestones, while his mummy does the letting go in a slightly different way but feeling exactly the same thing.

My Panu,

You are the bravest boy ever. You were the most amazing lil fellow who just took to the school as if it was your playground for so long. Your quality of just migling with everything around you as long as you get to do your masti is amazing. Without any inhibitions. This is a quality no doubt inherited from your wonderful dad. He and I were so proud of you today, it can’t really be expressed. I spoke to you and I am sure papa also did about how this is the first step towards being independent, being yourself, making friends, knowing that a world exists outside of mamma and papa and the place that you call home. Its a step into the world  and my darling, you took that step so wonderfully. We all had our way of letting you go and that’s what we did, we let go of you  a little bit today. Trust me its the hardest and the most proud thing we have done so far. We will always be there to protect you and take care of you as that comes naturaly to your mad parents, but we also know that you need to experience so much more which we really can’t wait to happen. This journey is amazing for us as is for you. Thank you for giving this to us!

BTW, you looked amazingly handsome today. Love you

Mamma and Papa


Mamma’s lil handy man

I kept asking when will my lil boy become mamma’s lil handy man and get things & do things for her…. 🙂 The time might have arrived! Baby steps that is….

I asked my handsome to get me my mobile, just taking a chance and what have we here – a obidient son who goes to the mobile, picks it up and promptly brings it to his very very proud mommy! My lil fella is taking baby steps (oh my god, isn’t he himself a baby!) towards becoming mummy’s lil handy man.

Also, we have a deal my puttu – anytime I ask for a blop kissi I am get it promptly. This is our lil deal which to my surprise is turning out to be very effective. For all the blop kissis  you give me, my heart just melts in that moment and I feel so grateful to you for having chosen me as your mamma and giving me blop kissis! Keep going my darling and keep giving us lil pieces of heaven every day, all day.

Of course thanks, my lil handy man!

Love you,