From me to you…

How is it that someone who has been with you, forever, but you still have renewed respect for each time? How is it that some one can teach you so much and keep teaching? Is there a end? Is there anyone else like Mummy….actually, my Mummy?

The answers to these questions, I will not answer, because it simply cannot be framed in sentences, at least ones that I can come up with. But one that I  can most defintely answer, is that no one is like my Mummy. If I can become even half the mother to panu, as my Mummy is to me, then I would have achieved ALL.

Ma, is someone who has been probably the one constant influence in all of my life and I wish for it to always be like this. There are no qualms about this, that I am a totally my mum’s daughter. I was always close to her – She was the first one to know about hanu, was there to stand up against all when we got married, was silently protecting my childhood, was there at every parent teachers meeting, school play/sports day…. was always always THERE! I was also always appreciative of her, I was and am her biggest supported, I know that…. But when panu came, and I became a mother, I had renewed respect for her. Not because now I knew what it took…. but because she was with me throughout. Come what may, my mum would always come to my rescue… and still does.

I did’nt know a stitch but she held my hand all the way and made me confident in what ever little I know right now. Sure.. we may have our differences sometimes, but she still remains my biggest supporter. I am writing this because it’s going to be very tough this time when she is gone. I know she has her own life and things she is dealing with… but all said and done, with all the fights 🙂 we love it when mummy is around. There is a special sense of security – it’s mummyness 🙂

Hanu & panu is going to miss her alot, but fret not, we have created such a world here that she will be back soon but not soon enough 😦

We love you ma. You know that & I know that and we have expressed gratitude towards everything you have done, will do and carry on doing. I am the woman I am because of you. You are my role model because I know what it took for you to bring us up…. Your efforts have never ever gone unnoticed.

We love you Ma.

PS: In return, you know what we want. Just one thing 🙂 Make us proud…


Our musical love story..

I’ve been wanting to write this from quite some now, framing things that I most definitely want to include and exclude (!), but time, god dammit, was just not helping me in any which way. So here I am trying to take a ride from Old Madras Road back home and attempting to write about…Music and it’s impact on me so far….. trust me it’s a life saver in many ways, which I will explain below 🙂

I’ve never really been “into” music like mummy or hanu. I am, by the way amazed how two of the most important people in my life, who never came in contact or had any influencing power on each other can have such similar tastes in music… maybej it was meant to be. Maybe he was meant to meet her and become her son. Awwwww!. Well coming back – So yes, I would listen to my mum’s Eagles, Bettles, and some other very “cool” bands but never developed a taste or want of it. Sure, I listened to our hindi stuff and thought of how I would have played the heroine, lip syncing, etc (well only sometimes) but didn’t have a passion, if I may say so, for it.

My earliest memory, if I sit now and think of is when we were in Crem (!) and I would put off the lights in the hall room and listen to “Love is in the air” – did I ever mention that my ideal guy had to have that man’s voice and be a lefty (Got one of the two criterion right… well life is not perfect) Coming back now… (I don’t know why I am drifting away, but then that’s the fun) I would listen to folks send in thier requests and play all the love songs. It was a fun time, me ‘wanting’ to be in love, the voice – having its own impact, etc, etc……

Then hanu and mummy met and they opened up a world of music for me. My knowledge (what ever little there is, is only because of them talking and almost grooving to thier music)… Hanu is a musician at heart. He would write and compose songs when in Mumbai travelling in local trains and sing to me over the phone… I was the editor off sorts.

When panu was in my tummy, I didnt particularly concentrate on him listening to alot of whale no ises (that’s recommended btw), or music in particular. One of the miracles or let’s say it’s the connection between father and son is how he would reacted to “500 miles” sung by hanu. I have mentioned that panu was quite active when inside and miraculously, when hanu would sing this, he would just calm down and in turn, so would I. There were instances, when my poor husband would need to just continue singing it come what may 🙂 Please remember, I was doing the hard work of carrying him ;p …. So this we thought was a tummy thing, but to our wonder when he did actually come and started reacting, he would react in the same way to hanu singing this in person. I think he knew this was his papa from inside and that calmed him, reassured him that his guy was around…. My lil boy would just stare into oblivion listening to his fav guy singing his fav song. Needless to say, I think hanu sings it very, well integrating the english and its hindi copied version very very well. So I think, that was the begininning…. of what I call a musical love story between my son and Youtube, the radio, us singing, etc, etc, etc


Masakalli is a life saver for our family. I don’t know how but when panu would listen to this ‘one’ song and all his sorrow would literally disappear. This became a tool (much needed) for us, whenever he would cry, instead of concentrating on pacifying him, we would run to the tape, to any of our mobiles and play “the one” song 🙂 and viola (!) he would miraculously become the joyful baby we are all so very fond of. So, Mr. A R Rahman, I am eternally grateful to you… .May all the Gods bless you and may you come out with such impactful “panu” songs!

Such is the musical love story  – wehave  along with Masakali, a no. of others (I am almost embarassed) hindi numbers. He has a wonderfully varied taste… with the marjani’s, he is also fond of the pehla nasha, meri duniya, hey shona (Oh thank god!) .. and all the old nos. It’s so fantastic to see him make intelligent choices from now itself.. Makes me wonder if I have a musical Mozzart in the making… Whatever it be… I am so eternally grateful to music coz it’s obvious that my boy enjoys it alot and thankfully, is following the likes of his nani and papa…
To many more musical notes ahead and many jam sessions awaiting us with panu, hanu and nani

… cheers manna panna 🙂