Long time coming… phew! :)

I am so happy that we ultimately did it! Yes, we took a road trip with Panu and it was great! It was smoother than I could have ever imagined. We did have some hiccups here and there.. but yeah! we did it and now it opens up so many options that I am gleaming and mentally planning already πŸ™‚

The planning for this started…. well sometime one year back. Yes, its been a very long time coming. I can’t even remember the no. of times Hanu and I have sit up thinking; yes, we can… just pack him and his things and let’s go! But then reality strikes us all the while – how do we manage his food, his schedule will get spoilt, etc, etc and I can add one more etc! But this time we thought enough, it’s time to make our little lion a traveller. To our pleasant surprise, he is a born travellerΒ  πŸ™‚ Panu just did his thing, we wanted to make him do so many ‘scheduled’ things but he surpassed our expectations and did what travellers do, i.e. his own thing!

It started when we thought there were only a few days before mummy goes back, we needing to get out of Bangalore, our thirst for a road trip and bingo – all said let’s travel. Go somewhere nearby, maybe the sea in keeping with the bigger plan in Oct (Will not disclose it before it happens! – nazaar lag jaeyag)… so research and google threw up Mahabalipuram. Hanu was put on to the job to book the accommodation. And yes, we did go a little overboard but in hindsight, it was worth it. Hanu kept referring to Mahabalipuram as Mahabaleshpur.. don’t ask me why!

So there we were rushing to do the last mid night packing, and I will enumerate what ALL was packed below to the shock many will have. And I am sure when down the years I will look back, I will get shocked with what ALL was packed! It was 5:30 am and we all got up – Ma hadn’t slept a wink. I kept waking up Hanu and utlimately we left at 7:30 am as against the ‘scheduled 6 am’. With my small littlePanu fast asleep – we made him wear “outside” clothes and sleep. We were off on our first road trip with my precious in my arms fast asleep…. he woke up only to start clapping his hands πŸ™‚ I think its his dream to be among moving cars.. and thats what it was exactly, all around him through the windows were cars, cars and more cars.. πŸ™‚ Of course we started talking in what we call normal voices once he got up. It was wonderful… singing along, playing “kui” with nani behind the car, stopping for chai. Making Panu have road side chai ;p and some healthy narayal pani 😦

Stopped for narayal pani

The hotel was a little more than what we expected – in terms of luxury where the bathroom is concerned.

The bathroom was the highpoint πŸ™‚ thats why the first snaps were there!

Panu took to the swimming pool like a fish but he didn’t take to the sea. The sound and the vastness of the sea was a little too overwhelming for my little lion

Clinging to mama...

Threw a big tantrum just before this, and then Hanu took him back into the water


A special mention for Airy – our car of three years, whose been our companion all this while and always reliable. But this time, I think he is getting a little old and it was a wake up call for us. Hanu and I to our shock found him ‘dead’ – his battery had given up and we had to get it replaced in Malmapuram πŸ™‚ Post that one hiccup… it was all fab.

The trip taught me to relax a bit where Panu was concerened. I think I grew up a little and and he grew up alot. It was a long time coming and we’re so happy that we crossed this bridge. I’m sure there would be many more to cross… but this was was a cruise.